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Shoveling around the car and back deck. Plow just went by. Still waiting to have the thigh deep snow removed from driveway. Pretty though! [Sore]
Freezing rain and sleet continue. Powers been out most of today and still is. Fire is roaring, candles are lit, and wine is chilling in the snow on the back deck. :) Should be a decent evening. [Olde School]

Jan. 21st, 2010

In town running around. Powers been out a while. About 200' vis. But I have hot coffee so all is right with the world. [Weee]
Epic snow fall. Pretty but messy. Many 4x4s stuck on sides of roads near house, but I think it's cause they don't know how to drive them. Hot Chocolate time! [Warm]

Jan. 19th, 2010

Home after a very long day. Have about 2" of snow/sleet in driveway. Wondering what it will be in the morning. [Sleeep]
In rainy Vegas ready to head home as soon as pax get here. [Busy]
Galavanting around the countryside. Back home this evening. [Happy]

Jan. 19th, 2010

Waiting for release to PHX. Delayed due to *shocker* weather. Should be fun! [Adventurous]
Early flight tomorrow in "lovely weather" to Phoenix and later Vegas. Back in the afternoon, but time to turn in early as I'm car pooling. [Tired]
Watching lots of wind and rain with the occasional snow/sleet come down. Winds upwards of 30-40 MPH. Power up and down, but fire going and hot todys available. [Prepared]